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Proposal: Masks Workshop

Proposal: Masks Workshop

I really enjoy educational projects for children and teens and I already did some workshops in the past. So as a suggestion I would like to propose some activity based on the project I did in Moscow.
I remind this project after watching this video
I think it's very interesting and important topic to discuss with new generation, because they are able to understand that kind of things differently from the beginning.
So I would suggest to watch first this video about stolen art and then to discuss the issue. After this we could try to do tribal masks with the group. The idea is at the beginning to have this kind of blank templates like I had at my workshop in Moscow (I can try to invent new form, make it more complex or more simple). So we can first all wear white masks and look at each other and see that we are all the same. And than every kid should show his personality through individualising the mask ( we can use color paper and glue or paint or markers). During the time everybody is creating its own mask we can also watch some documentary about african masks and their beautiful face paintings. And when the masks are done we can have a discussion what others see in one's mask and what was his personal idea (every participant will have a chance to speak about one other mask and his own). After this I would suggest to have a group photo or even to create a video clip (this idea I will upload as anothe proposal).

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