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In the last years, mobile phone user behavior changed drastically. Phone calls don't even make the top ten [list of applications], coming in at number 11 with just 41% of people using this feature on a regular basis.(1) For many users, this device became a multi-tool, their main source for all kinds of communication, information, and entertainment. Becoming a valuable object always surrounding them.

From a technical Standpoint, mobile phones are a perfect base module (with their computing module, interface, and battery pack) for all kinds of applications. Calling into question our desktop computer, single-purpose devices, and Gadgets.

In this project, we will take a closer look at these developments and the cultural standards and behaviors that evolved around this technology. Questioning the primary view and current metaphors used for defining the technology ecosystem we live in. With the goal to develop new ideas and concepts, bringing new aspects, links, and visions into play.

In mixed teams (Berlin - London) of 3–4 Students, you will explore, develop and design concepts for modules, services, or whole ecosystems to put our »UltraTool« to use. The Scope of your project could go from adaptation to specific use cases/scenarios (e.g. construction workers, one device fits all) to far-future Visions (e.g. redefining the personal computer, envision future cultural behaviors around the mobile end device).

This project is a cooperation with the master program Innovation Design Engineering and Global Innovation Design at the Imperial College and Royal College of Art in London.




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Fachspezifische Grundlagen: Technologie


Sommersemester 2021


Montag, 10:00 – 14:00

Mittwoch, 10:00 – 14:00