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Vorlesungsverzeichnis Sommersemester 2024 - Lehrende: Prof. Pauline Doutreluingne

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Ausklappen Einklappen Raumstrategien Modul III: Theorie-Praxi... (PARA)SITES Prof. Pauline Doutreluingne Dienstag
10.00 - 13:00

Modul III: Theorie-Praxis-Projekt II
6 Credits


Modul V: Theorie-Praxis-Projekt III: Hauptprojekt
16 Credits


Modul V: Theorieseminar: Raum und öffentlicher Kontext
6 Credits

„The parasite intervenes, enters the system as an element of fluctuation. It excites [the system] or incites it; it puts into motion, or it paralyzes it. It changes its state, changes its energetic stance, its displacements and condensations.“ (Michel Serres, Parasite, 1982, p191)

Parasites are the bad kids on the block, inevitably portrayed as seductive but always causing harm. But in many parasite-host relationships, the parasite rarely causes significant damage to the health of the host, because when the host dies, so does the parasite. In the chaotic, unpredictable world of changing environmental conditions, parasites can help hosts adapt. Parasites can stimulate the host's immune system to fight off new microbes, and they can help the host metabolise new forms of food.

How can we learn from other forms of existence and cohabitation and explore parasitic ways of creation? We usually understand parasitic relationships as a binary distinction between two separate entities: …

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