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Flore Lux - Smart Organic Light Objects

Flore Lux is a project where I dealt with light in living space. Light is multifaceted in its variation and has different areas of application. It can be influenced by intensity, direction (diffused/focused) and light colour. The use of light goes beyond the mere illumination of rooms.

A distinction is made between functional work lighting and cosy atmospheric lighting. Depending on the area of application, we need neutral light that is as bright as possible or we would rather have pleasant indirect lighting. Based on this observation, I designed a lamp in which light intensity, direction and colour can be changed easily and flexibly by manually condensing the lampshade. This allows a change from bright room light to, for example, atmospheric table lighting and enables more dynamic living. The design is inspired by nature. My association was the life cycle of a flower. Initially there is a closed bud. When it opens it becomes a shining as a flower, but also fades and dries up again.




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