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Drawing Session in Public Transport

Drawing Session in Public Transport

The idea of the project is about trying to create something different in the space of the train by drawing. I would like to invite students of our school to join my drawing session every Friday evening, 6 p.m in Frankfurter Allee. There's a Telegram group to keep details updated:

My number: 015752428528

The project has many possibilities to develop further in concepts, but i haven't yet have them finished.

Drawing in Tram.pdf PDF Drawing in Tram.pdf

How it started

It all started with me doing drawings in the train and giving the drawings to the travelers as a small gift, somehow this erases the boundaries between me and that person , and both of us feel a little happiness. Sometimes people look at me drawing and be interested, sometimes offended „You have to ask for their permission to draw them“, sometimes asked what i do, sometimes refuse the drawing, thinking that i have some intentions behind it. It was first for me a way of practicing my skills, but then it was more about the interaction between me and the others. This makes me think that this project isn't very much about me practicing drawing, it's more like drawing is my medium to connect with the everyday people

(See the drawings here:


Theory Course: Immer jung immer schlau

Funny how sometimes a theory course can inspire your own practice. I was in the theory course about curating and working with children. Each of us had to come up with an idea of curation and i didn't have a concrete idea, i just put „Public Transport“ there and wasn't sure what i can do.

But after discussing with my friends about this, i liked the idea more and more and want to make this real. I think for young people, especially children, if we have a drawing group in the train would be super interesting. A kid can maybe not draw as good as an art student, but the fact that it tries to approach some stranger that is older and give them a drawing of them would touch their heart better than someone like me. And for the children alone, this can mean so much since they have to train themselves to be brave to break this boundary of stranger to stranger. 

So i think of it and liked it, normally i'm doing drawings all by myself and at times it could feel lonely, either you belong to group of people who are looking at their phones , reading their books or chatting... but drawing is so rare. What if i could bring the space of a drawing class into this space and try to have fun with it, but also how? I'm not quite sure yet

My Invitation to you

So i think the best way to push this idea of group drawing is to have artists working along side, after a session like that, i believe that each of us will think of some cool idea to add in.

I have collected spare papers and made 30-40 sketchbooks for everyone to use. With Christoph's help from the Buchbinderei, the papers can also be ripped out easily, if you decide to give the person the drawing as a gift.


Last time i had the chance to do a group drawing with 4 more friends in the train. It was the first time i was surrounded by people doing drawing in the train. And what eventually happened was that we set up the space into an exhibition room of our drawings (video:


The idea to put the drawings up and treat it as our own exhibition wasn't from me, my friend came up with it. So i am excited to do more with others to exchange each's ideas.

So if you are interested or know someone who might , please let them know about this project. I try to do it every Friday evening, 6 p.m in Frankfurter Allee. There's a Telegram group to keep details updated:

A video i made to shortly explain the idea : 

Quang Vinh Giang


Update 03.05: Drawing with Else Class

i asked to present this idea in my professor's class and they agreed to meet up at S Prenzlauer Allee and the whole class shall do a group drawing together. Here is he link  which you can see the video of the process

Workshop with Heinz Brandt Schule 28.06-01.07

"The Drawing Train"

Drawing Train.pngDrawing Train.png

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