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Proposal: Green Screen Video Clip Shooting

This project requires borrowing the video equipmpent and green screen (which I guess is not very expensive for a day)

So we choose any available ready footage for the background. We can change them many times. Or we can create our own, for example to make an abstract cartoon with color papers and the stop-motion technology (video out of photos)

Then we can choose the song and start dancing alltogether in front of our background or to dance one by one or to try to interact with creatures from the background or just act somehow.

We can all be wearing masks from the Masks workshop.

At the end all the participants are getting their video, may be we can do several of them or let the participants to separate to the groups based on their preferable song.

It's a very raw idea but I guess it can be developed:)
The cheapest version of it can be even produced with just a green piece of textile and some IPad/Iphone apps.
This is just a technical idea but I believe it's really enjoyable and interesting for teens to share and explore each other music preferences, to dance together and to know some technology.

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